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‘After The Rain’ Short Film Premiere

ATR invitation
A couple of weeks ago we finally had the opportunity to show a premiere of our short film ‘After The Rain’. In fact, in was more of a private screening rather than a premiere. We decided to put this night together to thank the cast and crew for all the hard work and ambition they had put into this film, and at the same time give them a chance to watch the film before anyone else.

We would like to thank everyone who came to support our short and made this night a memorable one for us, and also thank the ones who were not able to make it, but were a part of this production and helped us make this movie. We hope you enjoyed the night and food as much as we did, and we’re extremely happy to finally get some feedback from all of you on the finished movie.

We also want to say that this night would not have been possible without the hard work from Tanya Carlucci and Peter Filato.

Tanya from Nikka Weddings & Events helped us plan and put the entire evening up together as well as prepare the outstanding ‘After The Rain’ themed sweet table. You can see more of Tanya’s {Nikka Events} work and follow her blog at:

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ParkWay Resto Pub
ParkWay Resto Pub provided us with their space and great service, but most importantly with all the delicious food served during the night. Make sure to go back to ParkWay to check out the rest of their tasty menu, and don’t hesitate to contact Peter if you have any future events in mind at 1 514.351.4418

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We would also like to thank Geno Proteau for taking pictures of the event as the night went on, here are a few snaps:

ParkWay Resto pub full
Sweet Table From Nikka Weddings & Events
Actors and crew members chatting
Directors and actors chatting
Director chatting with friends
Mini cupcakes from Nikka candy barSweet table and screen

for those of you who don’t know what the movie is about, here are the trailers

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New Teaser Trailer Release!

Since the movie release has been postponed due to the decision to go the extra mile and create an original soundtrack for the movie, we decided to piece together a new teaser trailer.

If you’re on a mobile phone, you can view the video HERE

This trailer features music from Montreal band Suuns, the track is called “Pie IX” and you can watch their official video on here or find it on iTunes.

Comments and opinions are very welcome, so don’t be shy to leave some.

Have yourselves a rainy day,

– The After the Rain crew

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Our page is officially launched!

Welcome to the official Web Page of “After the rain”.

We have creating this page to keep everyone up to date on everything about this upcoming short film.

Such as the official release date and future film festival presentations. We will also be constantly updating the page with new media from the movie.

Stay tuned People!

– “After the Rain” Crew


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