Official Selection of The NSI Online Short Film Festival

Official Selection - NSI Online Short Film Festival

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that our short film ‘After The Rain’ has been officially selected for the NSI Online Short Film Festival. The festival is hosted by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) a national training school widely known for its prestigious training courses for Canadian writers, directors and producers working in film and television.

‘After The Rain’ is scheduled to premiere Monday, September 10, on the NSI Canada website along several other short film who will compete for 3 awards: The Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Award, The A&E Short Filmmakers Award and The Bite Comedy Award. ‘After The Rain’ will most likely be eligible in The Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Award category (Laura Aloi) and The A&E Short Filmmakers Award. Links and blogs about the selected films will be posted on the NSI website in the first few weeks in August.

Our film has also been featured on several other sites, including Created in May 2012, Indie Film Tips is a resource for filmmakers to learn from the experiences of other filmmakers. On his blog we talk about the difficulties we encountered while filming ‘After The Rain’.

The most challenging process besides writing and editing the script must of been finding the perfect timing to shoot. We had the hard challenge to deal with weather. Most of the short takes place under the rain, and ends up with a dried up street with with some sunshine and rainbows.

Read the full post here

Some of other sites we’ve been featured on or mentioned are (ATR Premiere) (Yes, we inspired healthy food too!) (Review + Director’s Notes)
and of course, will soon be featured on our own brand new short film website

We encourage you to go take a look at these websites and support them the same way they supported us!

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