Sofian Lahyanssa as The Man in Suit
After The Rain is 10 minute drama short film about a man stuck somewhere between reality and dream world. Heavy rain is drenching him from head to toe and distorting his perception, further events bring him to reconsider what he knows to be his reality.

The short film was shot in an intense/rain-filled 3 day shoot in the older European-charmed streets of Montreal, Canada. Produced with close to no-budget ‘After The Rain’ was filmed with a Nikon D7000. The short required months of careful CGI and special effects work to recreate the constant drizzle and dream-like feel throughout the movie.

The story was written by Marco Lucà, but constantly and intensely reworked and perfected by Laura Aloi. The script is based on a short half-page story written by Marco Baldino over 10 years back for an english class he attended in college.

Marco Lucà and Laura Aloi directed the film for their first full collaboration together. Michael Wieland (Saint Bernard of Love) and Marco Baldino created the original soundtrack, findbride review Roberto Lucà also collaborated with some buzzing distortions.

Actors Franco Campisi, Sofian Lahyanssa and Robert Bouchard strongly incarnated their characters despite the long hours under the drizzling rain.

After The Rain was a work of entire dedication and effort.